Pure Power Plant Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 20%

Pure Power Plant is a somewhat potent sativa-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of approximately 70:30. It's unclear how much THC this strain contains, as some sources indicate the levels are very high, above 20%, while others suggest they're much lower, less than 12%. The effects are mostly cerebral and include euphoria, happiness, creativity, energy, and emotional uplift. Pure Power Plant is a solid treatment for stress, depression, chronic pain, glaucoma and eye pressure, muscle spasms, and nausea, while some reports say it's also good for insomnia. It's less effective in relieving seizure disorders and other conditions that may respond to CBD, as that chemical is scarce in this strain. Pure Power Plant has a scent with notes of musk, orange, vanilla, and wood, while its flavor is smooth and musky with hints of vanilla. It produces dense, light green buds with orange hairs and a dusting of crystals. The usual side effects are reported: dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and paranoia. This strain sells at only a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries in North America, most located in Colorado and Eastern Canada.
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PPP is my favorite. No red eyes, no sleepiness, just makes me high AF. Had my brain racing 100 mph. Great for day time, feels like an upper to me.

Well named sativa. Very strong, the effects are quite pure, like boosting your THC levels without fucking you up at all. Borderline not recreational. But great way to get thru the day without realizing that you are stoned, you just feel good and not needing a toke, so for regular users a little use gets you thru hours of doing stuff. Perfect for potheads wanting to pass incognito. :) But not a favorite sativa of mine overall for taste and effects.

It's strong, and gave me an intense rush which is never what I'm really after, although when the racing subsides, it is pretty chill, like some animal which roars at you only to turn around and become a docile, standard house cat. The taste is good, earthy and pine-y, a classic weed taste but nothing particularly unique about it.

Woah Buddy the Pure Power Plant I got was Potent!

The Pure Power Plant was a delightfull pungent treat

Excellent bho from pure power plant, super potent

Gigantic nuggets!

My fav we don't stop laughing and enjoying ourselves

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