Reggie Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 18% - 20%

Reggie is a Sativa dominant grade C medicinal marijuana strain that has a leafy outlook and is dark green in color. It is bright green in places and has reddish orange hair as well. It has a moderate to high THC level. It has a strange and sweet smell that is a blend of skunky and perfume like odors. The aroma is quite strong at times and has a strange effect. Its taste isn't bad, but does feel quite strange at first. It is a suitable strain for people who can handle strong marijuana strains as its smoke instantly hits your head. It is most appropriate for treating stress, anxiety and depression of all kinds. It relaxes your system completely and calms your tensed nerves. At first, you begin feeling hungry after smoking it, but soon you fall asleep. Some users have also rated it as a grade B and B++ strain. As it has the ability to induce hunger, it is often employed for treating a lack of appetite in people. You begin feeling quite hungry after smoking Reggie. Reggie does not have any drastic side effects, but tends to leave your eyes and mouth dry soon after you smoke it.
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I have medical issues but don't really like to be high. Reggie let's me get the mad effect with the minimum of hits without feeling too out of sorts. The hunger is a beast but I manage that my snacking on veggies. It works great for me.

All I can say is Reggie isn't the best, but it sure does it's job. I'm a regular potent weed smoker and I can honestly say Reggie gets me high and has me covered on days when I'm struggling financially since its so cheap!

Love it its all accurate

5* for the simple fact that I used to blow this shit everyday in middle school and highschool. If it wasn't for regs, I wouldn't of ever smoked the first time we didn't have money for dro in those days. Went from Reggie to Mids to Dro to Oil to Moonrocks to Caviar. I'll never smoke regs again tho I'll leave that back in 2009

Reggie is so nasty if your use to smoking Kush all the time.! I can get a dime sack of Reggie for $5 and i can get a pound for only $50 i only smoke reggie if i can get ahold of anyone or is running low of money. Sometimes smoking reggie gives me headaches but i have to smoke alot to get a good head high.

That brick weed is only good for extracting oil from it. If you come across some well treated reggie, it will give a mellow high, increase appetite, followed by heavy eyes and sleep. If you are smoking dank 90 percent of the time then theres no point of smoking it. Might as well light up a stogie.

I get super high, but I can still function.

I really like the crumble, all the strains are good. Very happy to keep buying the product.

It does relieve stress but I rather have a more productive high

Very cheap if your looking for quanity over quality this is def for you. Especially since i blow thru a zip in 3-4 days... 100 a zip compared to 250 and up. Saves you money. Great high just hate picking out the seeds. Can also use seeds for first tine growers. Start to finish about 4 months looking at a quarter or more per plant. Ive got 4 going right now .

It was alright. But that is not what i needed tho. Thanks anyway.

Works. I might have to smoke a doobie instead of a chillum, but it's a fraction of the price too.

reggie is all i smoke i smoke son regie which is at least 4 hrs u only find in mexico

Reggie relieves a lot of stuff that the others can't ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

Bruh if yall really givin reggie 5 stars compared to other strains pls kys

While there are definitely better strains out there, sometimes a reggie all you got and thats fine

Dope shit smoking it now,strong pulls get the mind going

Not bad a good high and got it cheap and got a good deal and is definitely recommend for depression anxiety and to get a good deal

Seeds! The only part I don't like, one time I grinded up some weed and I guess I didn't notice the seed and when I took a hit out of the bowl it popped and shot up my throat and it was still hot lol. Overall it's OKAY definitely not 5 stars tho

Knock outed my friend lol

Still blowing reggie...been good and always will be

This sucks man its 2017 and we talking about reggie jesus theres some real good weed out there

Yeah got the good shit knocked me out

Weak shot on the streets


reggie is the shit you smoke the chills you out. the only thing i hate is that i gotta smoke a lot to get a good high.

I smoke Reggie every day! And I love it don't get me wrong I love mii purp but I fw Reggie to ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ช

One of my favorite weeds tbh cuz its cheap and you get a lot.

Reggie is just the title , not the actual class of weedie " Reggie" brah tf. chill.

I give it 5 star for not only the medical aspects but also the high amount of THC. It does help you sleep and gets you nice and high.

I smoke a lot of dro but reggie is a high i can never get tired of, I like its effects they calm me down and help me focus when I try and freestyle, in my opinion it's better than most strains out there, even for it being called "dirt weed."

I made edibles from it. And let me tell you ... the best body and head high. I suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, bipolar, anxiety. This is the only one that I have found so far that gives the body the high as strong as this. Especially for the price. It really helps with my illnesses. But like all meds, what works for one may not work for another

Reggie doesn't give me that, "stuck" feeling I get w/ dro, but I keeps me calm & hungry so good job!

Never got high on some trash ass Reggie

relaxing numbing

I feel very relaxed and calm after smoking. Puts me right to sleep.

The best I still smoke

it is great for me

Reggie is ok. I prefer loud. Most times Reggie gives me a mellow high and sometimes I'll get an energetic high. It's a quick fix and it relieves all symptoms listed above!

The reason i rated this 5 is because it is the only weed iv smoked for now

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