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Craft Elixirs Producer

Craft Elixirs LLC formed in 2013 to be a recreational processor of artisanal small batch syrups made from local Washington State seasonal ingredients. We produce a complex variety of syrup elixirs that excite the palette with a sophisticated mixology of fruitful and savory ingredients. Artisanal handcrafted syrups can be used for making carbonated sodas, topping for ice cream or other mixology crafts. Creative cooks can use the unique syrups for additional ingredients in baking and other recipes.

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Craft Elixirs Producer
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Craft Elixirs Producer

I've tried a lot of cannabis extract cartridges (Marley Natural, Willie's Reserve, G.A.X., etc.). Craft Elixirs is bar none the WORST tasting cannabis extract I've ever had (Aliens on Moonshine). The nice metal mouthpiece and tall cartridge are pleasing to the eye, but the oil appeared opaque brown, very different from other brands' oils, which appear like honey in clarity and color. Hands down the most AWFUL tasting oil, like mix between burnt Chinese food and your grandmother's flip-flops. The CBD effects are there, but for Christ's sake, save your money and just buy Sour Tsunami made by Marley Natural. Heed my word, kids. Do not buy!

Disgusting is the first thing that comes to mind. Followed by burnt rubber, ashtray, and plastic fumes. I'm so dissipointed and the store I bought it at wouldn't take it back because smoke comes out of the cartridge. Smoke comes out alright but not anything I'm willing to ingest. Never buying one of their products again:

I have tried the Fairhavem Black ( Blackeberry/Lemon) with 7up and it was really yummy. I recently got the new Ginger flavored syrup and the budtender recommended it with warm water as a tea. I had my first cup last night and it was THE BEST THING EVER! I cannot believe there aren't more reviews for how awesome this product is. The taste? To DIE for! The effects? SO comfortable, and fun. I felt high after about 15 minutes and It was so much better than a "smoking" high, lasted longer and I never felt a crash. I was relaxed, calm, and I got the best sleep of my life!

Craft Elixirs marijuana producer
Craft Elixirs