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Dab Kits Producer

In the Summer of 2013, the founders of Dab Kits realized that there was a severe disconnect between affordability and quality in the world of portable wax vaporizers. You could buy a budget pen that would likely break within a few days, or a premium setup that would likely cost you an arm and a leg. They came up with an absurd idea: What if someone were to offer the best of both worlds? Enter Dab Kits. High-end portable wax vaporizers, backed by a factory warranty, that are offered at a reasonable price.

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Dab Kits Producer
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Dab Kits Producer

I have been a customer of Dab Kits since the business got going. There customer service is on point which often times is hard to find in a vale pen company. I personally own a Gold King Pen and a Black stealth. The quality far out weighs other pens I have tried. They are sleek, portable and reliable. The price is right compared to others on the market. All in all I have been more then satisfied with my Dab Kits experience and would highly recomend there products to any one seeking a high quality affordable pen that comes with a customer service support team that actually values there customers!

I love dab kits because I can smoke pot while cooking beans. Also, their products are great... hence the 5 stars dummies.

Dab Kits marijuana producer