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Emerald Leaf Producer

We feature an extensive menu of medicated edibles, all from our own kitchen. Out of the Bakery there is an assortment of cookies, brownies, and the occasional danish. From the Candy Store we get gummies, sours, rings, and hard candies. And from the “Farmacy” we get tinctures, sodas, and more!

Emerald Leaf Producer
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Emerald Leaf Producer

The problem with the emerald leaf edibles is the artificial flavorings and colors added. To this person who prefers to stay away from all the bad chemicals, it would be most beneficial if all products could be made with less ingredients. I realize this may not appeal to the population, that is why it is not done. I would indulge in a clear lemon drop with no Yellow #5, modified food starch, or titanium dioxide. I don't purchase these edibles often for this reason, and I need to use them!!

I tried the peanut butter brownie. So delicious. It didn't have that awkward marijuana taste that a lot of edibles have, but it still sure was strong. they use a hybrid which is nice and definitely gives a full body and mind relief.

Emerald Leaf marijuana producer