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GRAMS FX Producer

GRAMS FX specializes in creating unique and effective delivery systems which help facilitate the absorption of medication. An attribute that sets GRAMS FX apart is that all formulations are both biochemist and herbalist engineered which combines conventional methodology with traditional herbal practices. Some companies focus solely on having high levels of certain compounds found in cannabis such as THC. GRAMS FX knows that if those compounds cannot be absorbed, patients will not achieve desired medical results regardless of claimed potencies. Every patient has his or her own unique physiology and it is for this reason that two patients can try the same medical food and experience different results. The formulators at GRAMS FX understand these differences and take them into account when creating smoke-free options such as medical edibles, tinctures and topical.

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GRAMS FX Producer
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GRAMS FX Producer

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GRAMS FX marijuana producer