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Gummi Cares produces marijuana infused products. View who carries their cannabis products and the types of marijuana products they produce on AllBud.com

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These are really strong edibles. These are not made for their taste but the gummie is small enough to just swallow. I prefer this type of edible since it is made from the whole plant extract (instead of just THC). If you have pain issues, I would highly recommend these, especially their 30:30 (30THC/30CBD), CBD Plus, and CBD Extreme. Disclaimer: I haven't personally tried the CBD Extreme yet. I prefer at least some THC in my edibles. The 30:30 is my favorite! The Indica is also a big favorite. They recommend you cut the gummie into 4 pieces and only take 1 piece per dose. Even though I have a decent tolerance, I have to cut them into 8 pieces and then take those one at a time because these are really strong.

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