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Heirloom Genetics is a cultivator and grower of cannabis. View the strains from Heirloom Genetics that have been tagged on dispensary menus on AllBud.

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Heirloom Genetics Producer

Sucks he refuses carry cookie packs and Cannarado, but he found vendor for me who did which not many do! Funny posts with bud gallary of the best, got a gsc stardom off him but fact found what wanted doesn't sell he's good with me

Homie Holds the Chem Dank from Top Dawg and Pisces, also his own chem work looks to be great as well! Nicest guy in vending order all chems from HG!!

He's the real one! Not the drug store one ..nice guy great cust service at anytime day nite he picked up when realized gave him old address naturally and said he always checks if something doesn't match small things that makes him stand out and herd he's cutie ;;) very nice and my friend asked him ?s for an hour answers all not annoyed once and he didn't buy anything ...go heirlooms!!

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