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Top Cut Farms Producer

Top Cut Farms is a Washington Retail Marijuana Processor / Producer

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Top Cut Farms Producer
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Top Cut Farms Producer

We named our company Top Cut for the simple reason that our cannabis is "TOP CUT". We grow our plants to full maturity and everyone from a first timer to a long time connoisseur can appreciate our quality. We put a lot of personal touch into our buds. Individual hand watering, gentle nutrients,and hand trimming. We are not "building" plants with harsh chemicals. Instead, we are bringing out the subtle traits that each stain has. I could go on for hours about all the little things we do, but in the end, it is all for our retailers and their customers....you. We can be found in Bellingham at "Green Leaf", Wenatchee at "The Joint", Tacoma at " Clear Choice" and Vancouver "High End Market Place". We chose these retailers because they are the best. People you would be proud to call your friends. Try our product....you won't be disappointed.

Top Cut Farms marijuana producer