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Yak Edibles Producer

YAK edibles is launching a broad line of eight products, including; YAK Brownie, YAK Fudge, YAK Mini Cookies, YAK Greenie, YAK Sensi Star (cookie in star shape), YAK Haute Chocolate (instant hot chocolate drink), YAK Mocha Juana (instant coffee drink) and their best selling YAK Cannabis Extract Capsules.

Yak Edibles Producer
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Yak Edibles Producer

Yak had the best oil products in the world. I miss them.

Actually got to try quite a bit of their products most of it was you took one bite and even spit it out and add fuel to the fire there is no way the level of THC that they advertise on these things is what's in there it's very weak.

Yak Edibles marijuana producer