Muse Live Suga 1G

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Live Suga by Muse is Trulieves newest addition to the Muse premium concentrates product line. Produced through hydrocarbon extraction, Live Suga is created using a proprietary blend of propane and butane in our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction lab via Trulieve grown flower that has been frozen immediately after it has been harvested. Live Sugas unique production process allows the cannabis oil to form a consistency that is like that of sugar bits. This grainy and sugar-like texture is what gives the product its name and what makes Live Suga stand out from other concentrates such as Live Resin and Live Budder. Live Suga is well suited for those that are seeking an easy-to-use concentrate that offers powerful strain-specific relief. *No Discounts applicable for this product*

Sold At:
Trulieve - Longwood
1104.8 miles away, Medical, Storefront, ADA Access, Debit Card, Delivery, Pickup
  • 1 gram
Muse Live Suga 1G Product
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