Sunshine Cannabis Vape Pen Cartridge CDT .5G

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South Florida Kush - A rare and authentic preservation strain of pure Floridian genetics maintained for over two decades by Sunshine Cannabis. Familiar traits for many old school Cannabis smokers from the 90s, this old school Kush line dates back to the early days before the genetics left Florida and made their way out to California and beyond. Frosty tight high potency nugs with a balanced Hybrid medical terpene profile rich in all major terpenes that is all around perfect for daytime or nighttime usage. Very enjoyable & a pleasure to smoke or vape, this delicious strain is a building block for many of todays modern cultivars. Slightly creamy, earthy dank & sweet piney aromatics with a matching classic herbal taste offering hints of earthiness, pine & slight citrus nuances on the palate. The South Florida Kush is sure to please even the most finicky palate and is true old-school kind bud. Excellent for soothing Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress Relief and for Appetite Enhancement. Highly recommended! Now finally in a 1 Gram full-size TruPOD due to patient demand. Limited Edition pre-4/20 release! Sunshine Cannabis CO2 vape cartridges are made with cannabis-derived terpenes. This productis part of the Entourage line providing full-spectrum benefits. Strains will rotate regularly based on flower harvest. CO2vape pen cartridge is made for use with the Trulieve Silver Button Battery. Strains will rotate based on availability.

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Trulieve - Longwood
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  • .5 gram
Sunshine Cannabis Vape Pen Cartridge CDT .5G Product
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