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All the employees are super nice and sweat hearts, however I interviewed and expressed I was only interested in a part-time position as I had already excepted a full time position elsewhere. I was offered a job a week later with no details except the position. I began my orientation and noticed I had been placed in a full time position against my wishes, when i tried to clarify and asked to be given part time as previously expressed, after an hour of "deliberation" with the owners my direct supervisor terminated me on the spot and had security escort me all the way to my vehicle. It was one of the saddest days I have had in awhile, I was super excited to get to grow plants for a living. It was really embarrassing to have been treated that way. I don't blame the supervisor either, it was the owners who had no flexibility. On top of everything else, I am a person with a disability so finding work can be a struggle.

Disgusting candy tastes like it was made with chemicals I couldn’t even enjoy it. I’ve tried other edibles and they taste nothing like this cheap stuff. I’m never buying from phatpanda again whether it’s flower, edibles, dabs I don’t care I shouldn’t have to come on here and write a sick review of this product I shouldn’t even get mad at the dispensary it’s phat pandas fault don’t buy any of there products.

Can you leave negative stars? Guess not but they deserve it if you could. The owners are garbage, the management is garbage and the products are garbage. From being moldy, filled with seeds or bugs or inflating thc levels Phat Panda does it all. Dont work there or buy your products from there as you will overpay for inferior product while filling the owners pockets.

So, I purchased an eighth of Phat Panda flower yesterday, getting ready to leave the work week in a smokey haze, and excitedly opened up my fresh jar of White Widow, one of my favorite go-to's to treat my pain management. Soon after opening the jar and inspecting the tiny buds, did I realize that the buds have been savagely shaved, in some parts into to inner undercover of the buds. I've noticed recently how many companies have been "double-dipping" with their flower, sacrificing a beautiful, rounded nugget in order to yield crystal for the ever-growing popularity of shatter, oils, and what have you. I love a good oil as much as the next guy, but not at the sacrifice of the bowl packed with fresh crystal-saturated flower. Shame on you and all the companies involved in this horrible greedy trend!

Thier weed had botrytis and is improperly flushed. They treat thier employees like shit and pay them just above minimum wage and work them 60+ hours a week. If you can't work a weekend you are threatend that "there are a hundred other people who will take your job" The leads and managers are in a constant state of Panda-monium and don't know thier asshole from elbow.

Golden Pineapple and Whit's Romulan are where it's at. Very synergistic pair. Both great with pain, although Romulan completely wipes it out for hours, great for just before bed. Pineapple dumbs the pain down but I still feel everything and it is a great pick me up when I need to be on my feet all day. Jack Herer was also very pain effective and pleasant as well. Will be glad to try the White Widow now that it is becoming available.

Phat Panda Cannabis is some of the best recreational marijuana in the legal market!! This team strives to not only offer to the consumer premium marijuana but the level of professionalism that they bring to the table is unbelievably superb!! I look forward to a very prominent future with Phat Panda!! If you haven't tried their product yet please visit their web page and find out where you can find their product at your local retailer!!!! Thank you for everything!!! Your team will dominate this industry!

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