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Please stop giving medical recommendation to non-adults who are just turning 18, these barly 18 year old who does not need medical marijuana therapeutically. You give a golden ticket to get high however and whatever they likes. You are posintint their mind and damage their health brain and nerve system. Shame on you to be a MD!

Marijuana is good for sleeping issues

This “Dr.” will give a card to ANYONE! It is unethical of him to give individuals with Mental Health issues a marijuana card when there is so much research stating that marijuana can make mental illness worse. He is contributing to addiction and the mental health crisis.

Got the Ganja card from Doctor D! It was an easy process for me and my card arrived in the mail within the week. Unfortunately, one time I bought edibles from one of my local dispensaries and ate 80 mg worth of THC. It was a crazy experience that I will never forget. Unfortunately, lost my love for marijuana after this incident.

This DR IS VERY UNETHICAL AND SHOULD HAVE HIS MEDICAL LICENSE REVOKED. I went to see him and he touched my penis inappropriately. Why does a DR need to check my testicles for a marijuana license???

Honestly why do parents go onto allbud to write angry reviews about their 18 year old adult children getting medical marijuana cards? It’s so weird. They seriously need to shut up and mind their own business. Anyways, Dr. Frank is a really good doctor. Appointments are super fast and simple. I’ll need a new card soon and I’m going straight to him! To be honest, you don’t even need a real illness. If you want a card, it’s as easy as paying $60.

You are trying to destroy my kids life. Hope Karma gets to you and you face consequences of affecting my kids life one day Doc

Francis was the best doctor I have ever seen. He was the first one that just got straight to the point: “Do you want to get a medical marijuana card to buy weed?”

I had an easy time getting medicated. I recommended him to all my friends!

Hola, soy de Mallorca, España, pero yo moved to New York City at the age of 19 to attend NYU. Doctór Frank helped me get over the stress and anxiety I have been feeling over the last couple of days. Mi Esposito también got a card from doctór Frank porque he is also feeling muy stressed out. I love smoking marijuana while flamenco dancing with mi Esposito. I also cook paella when I get the munchies! Gracias for everything doctór Frank. ¡Viva España!

Just moved to Los Angeles from New Zealand (an overrated country where weed is illegal). I found it super easy to get the card from D’Ambrosio and buying weed here is as easy as buying a carton of orange juice!

My girlfriend got me a mmjc from Dr. D. It works completely fine at all of my local dispensaries and I can order product online!

Why are so many people complaining about Dr. D’Ambrosio? Since when was it a bad thing to smoke MartyJuana? If your child wants to smoke the devils lettuce, whats the big deal? If they’re getting a medical marijuana card, they’re 18 years old and can legally make decisions for themselves!

No complaints for me. Got an appointment with him online and received my card almost immediately.

Anybody to assist me? Out of state, have not gotten anything

EVERY DAMN ONE OF Y'ALL CRYING THAT THE DOCTOR DID ANYTHING WRONG NEED TO CARRY Y'ALL ASS ON. This man ain't force not near a one of OF THEM to smoke no medication. And for real [PAY ATTENTION] you ..... non-smoking, non-believing piece of work NEED to realize one thing.... CANCER HAS BEEN BEAT WITH THC, BUT no one has told you the correct information because you believe the FIRST thing someone says. Y'all- get over it. This man making his money to feed his family. You don't like him, bond out, shit. I mean you are NOT required to purchase ANYTHING! Come on! Why tarnish this man's record because someone pissed you off and you're taking it out on the Doctor. HE'S A DOCTOR, THEY TAKE AN OATH. So what this man capitalized on Prop 215, if I could be a doctor I would!! All's I am saying is, take it easy on the comments y'all! He truly is a great man!

I have no idea what these negative Nancy’s are talking about. Why can’t 18 year olds buy marijuana? They can enlist in the army and sell their souls. Francis was a good doctor. Easy appointment took less than 2 minutes!!!

I’m so grateful for this man!

I literally just turned 18 today and got my medical marijuana card from him! Idk why so many “boomer” parents are so afraid of dope. It’s better than selling one’s body or joining the military or something.

The Doc was friendly and reliable. THanks.

Just found out that this dr. Provides teen with a medical mariguana card with out a parents consent or pediatric evaluation so teen can get addicted and depend on the drug my son is a victim of this doctor I try to google so I can report this and looks like their is no page or link where i can do this, but i will find out how and will make sure they revoke his license. This doctor is not helping people only destroying young kids futures

Goat Doctor. Got my medical marijuana card from him yesterday morning. Was able to purchase weed the same day just by showing the local dispensary his recommendation. Nothing bad to say about him.

This "Doctor" is a exploitative man who has authorized someone i know and love, who clearly has developed an ADDICTION to marijuana and has a history of panic and anxiety that, prior to using weed, was handling it well and organically. Now completely dependent on Marijuana for functioning every day has also begun drinking low percentage concentration of alcohol as well, in spite of never liking the taste of it before using marijuana with the frequency that is up to daily now. This doctor is an irresponsible man who, despite his training, has decided to cash in his chips and sell out for easy money in spite of the fact that he could be destroying this young man (and no doubt many others) life This is heartbreaking DOCTOR !!! DO YOU CARE THAT WITH A SWIPE OF A PEN YOU ARE IN LARGE PART COLLUDING IN TAKING SOMEONE DOWN WHO HAD PROMISE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF THIS IS NOT OVER BY THE WAY

Never forget the atrocities that the Jihadis inflicted upon us on this day. #neverforget #twintowers #9/11

I got a card from him even though I don’t smoke that much. I got it for the COVID-19 because I looked it up and cannabis helps with the symptoms. I also get anxiety when taking tests and weed helps. Easy process of getting a card. Doctor is very professional. I got approved over the phone. I went to the dispensary and got pre-rolls and carts the same day. I don’t know why anyone would say bad things about this man.

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