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Look, if you are a parent of an 18 year old child who has decided, as a legally agreed adult, to get a medical mj card, than you cannot blame a Dr. For their personal decision. Never blame someone else for actions that were not caused by then. Own your own actions and understand it is not anyone's but or own choices and decisions that propel is too decide what it own actions do. Blaming others will never resort in a solution to the problen at hand. Dr. DAmbrosio has not worked in this field his entire life, although I'm glad he does. He had worked many many years as an orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas at 5 different hospitals and in Hermosa Beach . I personally know him because my dad, John Dodd was his personal surgical tech for almost all those years he worked in the hospitals fixing people and he knows what he is doing and is educated more than anyone of these people commenting about the cards issued.

Ok first of all I'm not sure why any of you believe that it's the Dr's fault that someone either takes their life or "allows" an 18 year of adult age kid getting weed for their first time... I love Dr Francis. I'm 34 and he's been my Dr since the state needed you to have a license at 21 years of age so it's been quite some time now. We've known each other since 2008! He's an incredible dr that has allowed my relationship with cannabis to be morphed into something I never dreamt. It started with me needing help with sleep and now it's turned this plant into my career. I love Dr Francis and all he's done for me. Thank you.

I seriously can't get over the fact that so many people are on here crying about their 18 year old child getting a card. You do realize that 18 is legal and they can make that decision for themselves right? Dr. Frank is a great doctor and truly helps those who need it, young and old.

This POS gave my bipolar husband that lives in Virginia ( he does not have a va license) medical marijuana and two months later he put a gun in his mouth and took his life! This POS took my husband and my son dad.

He gives you exactly what you want.

Dr frank helps ADULTS access the medical marijuana they need. These parents protesting their children’s habits have not realized that at 18 you get to make your own life decisions. People go to war and die at 18, in most countries you can consume enough alcohol to kill you at 18, yet these parents are mad because their adult offspring are smoking weed? Funny if you ask me.

OMG, I had no idea so many Karens came on here to write reviews about Dr. D. Why can't they understand that 18 year olds are no longer children and just want to smoke some weed? Weed isn't even bad for you! It is way less harmful than the amount of wine these Karens are drinking before writing their stupid reviews. Here is a message to all you Karens: If your 18 year old son/daughter is getting a medical marijuana card, it is because they want some quality bud! At least they are not buying it off the street where they can risk being killed during a drug deal gone bad or buy some laced marijuana. Gate way drugs do not exist. Get your head out of your brainwashed boomer ass! Lastly, IHaveADeadSon Karen, your son probably overdosed to escape you. Sending him to all these rehab facilities was never going to "fix" him. If the only thing my son did was smoke weed, I would be so happy. You probably overreacted to him smoking weed once, sent him to rehab, and when he came out, he probably did not care about his life anymore. Those rehab facilities will destroy people. That is why he would be so cavalier to take a random pill that was unfortunately spiked with fentanyl.


Dr. D was super kind and to the point. I am so appalled by the comments from these uneducated mothers. Marijuana did not cause your son's death, his urge to escape the world (probably from you) was what did it. Anyways, highly recommend. Got my card within 4 days. I have been medicating with marijuana for a while and so far I have not developed an urge to take a fentapill....that's idiocy and has nothing to do with marijuana and the great things it has done.

My son is now dead, in part because he got a medical marijuana card from this pot doctor on the day of his 18th birthday. My son died within 10 months of getting his card. Yes today's high potency marijuana is a gateway drug, and my son kept experimenting with higher highs after learning about dabs, budder, shatter and even "just 27%THC pot". He died from a poisoned fentapill. My son had been diagnosed at age 15 with Cannabis Use Disorder, and had been in a rehab, IOP, Wilderness, and RTC before his 18th birthday. None of this is relevant to this Malibu Doctor, who is just looking for the easy money just like Big Cannabis. Big Cannabis is addicting our young adults, whose brains are not fully formed until age 25 or so. And, there are no safeguards to protect our kids from experimenting with this high-potency THC. Thank goodness Colorado woke up to the smell of formaldehyde from all the dead children from their wild wild west marijuana state, time for California to do the same. DR FRANK - YOU NEED TO KNOW KIDS ARE DYING FROM YOUR FAKE "EXAMINATIONS" ALLOWING THESE EASY-ACCESS MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS.

I also just found, this doctor gave my son medical cannabis. We, the parents, need to do something and report this doctor. He is destroying our kids. Just complaining about him doesn't resolve anything.

I just discovered this doctor gave my son a medical canNabis card to my son. This is not ok… kids now are using marijuana like a candy. Instead of helping I think it’s destroying some kids when they really don’t know how to control their problems and think marijuana will fix everything. I think doctors just want to make money and don’t care for anyone. 🥲

I'm so disappointed no words. I found out my son has a medical Marijuana card today. I'm so upset he got it as a minor. His doctor does not know he has it and so are we the parents. What is he suffering from that you should give him a card!! You are destroying our families and our kids. Most kids start with marijuana as a drug of choice and move on to hard drugs. I'm so lost of words I'm praying for wisdom on how to deal with my son and how I can help him to stop this. He has so many dreams and we have dreams for him to achieve and this could stop him. I also pray for this Doctor to see this for what it is. I know you have to put food on your table but let it be not at the cost of our kids.

I got my medical marijuana card for insomnia and chronic back pain. It took a week to the card to arrive by mail, and I could not be more pleased with this doctor! He gives patients their medicine without wasting their valuable time. Ignore the “Karen” helicopter moms doc, you’re doing great.

Please stop giving medical recommendation to non-adults who are just turning 18, these barly 18 year old who does not need medical marijuana therapeutically. You give a golden ticket to get high however and whatever they likes. You are posintint their mind and damage their health brain and nerve system. Shame on you to be a MD!

Marijuana is good for sleeping issues

This “Dr.” will give a card to ANYONE! It is unethical of him to give individuals with Mental Health issues a marijuana card when there is so much research stating that marijuana can make mental illness worse. He is contributing to addiction and the mental health crisis.

Got the Ganja card from Doctor D! It was an easy process for me and my card arrived in the mail within the week. Unfortunately, one time I bought edibles from one of my local dispensaries and ate 80 mg worth of THC. It was a crazy experience that I will never forget. Unfortunately, lost my love for marijuana after this incident.

This DR IS VERY UNETHICAL AND SHOULD HAVE HIS MEDICAL LICENSE REVOKED. I went to see him and he touched my penis inappropriately. Why does a DR need to check my testicles for a marijuana license???

Honestly why do parents go onto allbud to write angry reviews about their 18 year old adult children getting medical marijuana cards? It’s so weird. They seriously need to shut up and mind their own business. Anyways, Dr. Frank is a really good doctor. Appointments are super fast and simple. I’ll need a new card soon and I’m going straight to him! To be honest, you don’t even need a real illness. If you want a card, it’s as easy as paying $60.

You are trying to destroy my kids life. Hope Karma gets to you and you face consequences of affecting my kids life one day Doc

Francis was the best doctor I have ever seen. He was the first one that just got straight to the point: “Do you want to get a medical marijuana card to buy weed?”

I had an easy time getting medicated. I recommended him to all my friends!

Hola, soy de Mallorca, España, pero yo moved to New York City at the age of 19 to attend NYU. Doctór Frank helped me get over the stress and anxiety I have been feeling over the last couple of days. Mi Esposito también got a card from doctór Frank porque he is also feeling muy stressed out. I love smoking marijuana while flamenco dancing with mi Esposito. I also cook paella when I get the munchies! Gracias for everything doctór Frank. ¡Viva España!

Just moved to Los Angeles from New Zealand (an overrated country where weed is illegal). I found it super easy to get the card from D’Ambrosio and buying weed here is as easy as buying a carton of orange juice!

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