Accidental Tourist Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Accidental Tourist is a hybrid and its growers have successfully combined various strains to make this specific marijuana strain. It is believed that Accidental Tourist may have been created from hermie bananas along with some unique seeds to create this amazing marijuana strain. This marijuana strain carries a very appealing and beautiful look as it is comprised of crystallized purples and green with bursts of orange hairs that are adequate sized frosted calyxes. Accidental Tourist carries a blend of different smells. It includes sulfurous, fuel and acrid and when these are broken apart they do not smell too sweet but carry hints of lavender. The flowers of this marijuana strain are sweet and carry a hint of pint but provide a sharp sweet smell. The purple flowers of Accidental Tourist provide with smooth incense and contain a hash like after taste and provides aromas of pine. This is a balanced sativa/indicia hybrid and provides various beneficial effects for the body. Within an hour of consumption, electric and euphoric feels are experienced into the body also accompanied with lesser pressure of the forehead, eyelids lowering and the clear stone converts into a rubbery body stone post three hours. Accidental Tourist provides with a balanced body buzz but with bevy drooping eyelids. It is an effective strain for pain relief and provides heavy relaxation at the end of a day.
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