Ambrosia Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 13% - 16%

Ambrosia is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain that is an incredibly delicious mix of the hugely popular Burmese X God Bud strains. This dank bud gets its name from the Greek Mythology, where Ambrosia was the food of the gods on Mount Olympus. Ambrosia boasts a moderate average THC level ranging from 13-16%. Users describe the Ambrosia high as heavy on the sativa end, leaving them awake, functional, and uplifted with a sense of purpose and creative inspiration. This cerebral head high is accompanied by a slowly creeping mellow body stone that provides significant body relief without couch-lock and with a mild case of the munchies. Due to these potent mind and body highs, Ambrosia is an ideal strain for treating patients with conditions such as attention deficit, such as ADD or ADHD, anxiety, and chronic migraines or tension headaches. The Ambrosia buds haveare dense, thick spade-shaped bright neon green nugs with olive green undertones. These medium-sized nugs are leafy with a spattering of rich gold hairs and a layer of thick, delicious trichomes. With an aroma of sweet tropical pine and a taste of sweet floral pineapple with a hint of pine upon exhaling. Ambrosia truly is the food of the gods.
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Strain review of Ambrosia first impression; Sour! Nose wrinkle, but then again I never judge a strain by its scent or flavour ;) By puff number two of the Ambrosia I was enjoying the flavour tremendously. It was unusual because there was no sweetness to it. Just tangy lemon. Not fond of the skunky scent, but in the end it was so worth putting up with. Took a few minutes for the effects to kick in. When it did, I suddenly felt a tad anxious. I’d smoked only a little in my glass pipe, so I was pretty sure I hadn’t overdone it. As quickly as the anxiety hit, poof it was a memory and then I was feeling only happiness. Boosted my energy and cleared my head. Me likey very very much! If you have a low tolerance I recommend starting small with Ambrosia. For me personally, a little has gone a long way. This is a great daytime strain. It gave me the energy I needed to get things done, which includes writing this cannabis strain review.

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