Amnesia Lemon Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12% - 15%

If you have had the chance to enjoy an evening snack in Amsterdam, then you might probably have heard or come across Amnesia Lemon. With an exotic, earthy and citrus fragrance, the strain is a perfect ingredient that can add flair to your life. The strain has been known to evoke an uplifting sensation and an energetic body buzz in the smoker which can not only relieve muscle tension, but can also provide a complete body calm that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Amnesia Lemon was awarded the Sativa Cup in the year 2012, making it one of the top marijuana strains in the market. The strain has been a popular bud in Amsterdam since then and can easily be found in coffee shops. It was first introduced in South Asia, from where it spread across other regions. The strain is a combo of both euphoric ingredients and stress-relieving essences. So, in order to get a relaxed day, start with Amnesia Lemon.If you are a heavy smoker seeking a mind energizing and body relaxing strain, Amnesia Lemon can be perfect for you.
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I'm using a DHV and the taste is like Fruit Loops, lemony, earthy - Love it! Def soothing body high, relaxing -strong head high but not overpowering. Exceptional high from start to finish

Smooth smoke . Managed to cook a dinner kept me focused n relaxed stress free. The tste of it was bare lemons­čŹő­čŹő. Social smoke ­čĺ»fromflavortaster

Here in brexitania amnesia has saturated the UK, I'm sick of it though I like the diesel taste of lemon haze I find it to stimulating, the amnesia lemon Is a nice combination of the two more subtle taste and flavour

A buddy of mine grows this Indoors and it is Veryyyy Good!!!!

Best to destress, more than one and you will sink where you rest, likes hot metal vs glass, only needed in moderation so it lasts

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