Bart Simpson OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23%

Bart Simpson OG causes a strong buzz that takes over your entire system right after you smoke it. It has a rocky appearance, being a deep green color with hues of brown here and there. The buds of Bart Simpson OG are quite big in size and feel sticky to touch. It has a high THC level that is around 23.6 percent. Its aroma and appearance are quite similar to that of the popular Afghan Goo. It has a rich aroma that is full of earthy flavors. Its taste is quite strong and moist, and its smoke gets straight to your head. The taste is similar to that of hash as well and feels spicy in places. Its aftertaste is quite earthy as well. Bart Simpson OG has psychoactive effects on your body and strongly affects your system. It makes you feel drowsy soon after you smoke it and puts you to a deep sleep as well. It is often reported to cause couch-lock, which is its side effect. This strain is mainly employed for treating neuropathic pain and other pains that are mild to chronic in nature. It can also treat migraines, tumors and nausea.
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Fire..Diesel like

Very nice keep growing dude for sure.

This description is a reworded variation of the Black Bart . Afghan goo(afgooie) x The Black . Even to the "typo looking wording" of "spicy in places" pls dont just make stuff up and use it for other strains or imaginary strains there is serious people like me that have to learn everything about strains and we notice these things . Pictures of buds aswell dont pass off other people pictures cause if that happens I see it . Leafly has it for Appalachia and northernberry pics.same bud 2 strains makes me angry so pls dont di this

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