Blue Cream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This comes under the indica-sativa combination range of medical marijuana strains and is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The parents of this strain are 'Blueberry', which is an indica strain and 'AK-47', which is a sativa. The buds of this plant are covered with enormous amounts of white and sparkling trichomes. The flowers of this plant will be bright and luminous. Overall, the plant appears light green colored with the autumn-colored pistils. The flavor produced by this particular plant is not so pungent or sweet. However, it could give an obvious berry flavor with earthy, flower and vegetation undertones. The Blueberry in the genetics of this strain is providing a fine body buzz that could help the users with pain and other ailments. On the other hand, the AK47 in this strain's genetics would provide energy that is a typical characteristic of the sativa dominant strains. This strain has powerful relaxation qualities and can be used as anti-anxiety, tension relief and stomach disorder medication. This can also be used as an appetite stimulator and sleep aid. The vibrant flowers of this plant can be able to give the patients the instant relief.
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blue and cream is awesome. i havent seen it in a long time. it helped my arthritis and stomach issues. im afraid its gone and not coming back. would be so happy to see it again.

Great smell great smoke gasss af!!

Very nice combination of Blueberry and AK 47. Taste amazing and perfect for relieving pain and stress.

It’s Sativa dominant strain but has Strong indica effects that surprises a veteran such as myself who feels almost little to nothing effects of a Sativa dominant strain..tbh I think it should be moved from the Sativa to the indica dominant category‼️💯

By far my favorite strain. Fantastic taste, balanced, yet intense buzz, and a bit psychedelic. Very hard to find. Better than Blue Dream.

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