Bubba Band Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This strain of marijuana combines Bubba Kush, a popular indica and crosses it with Chemdawg, a sativa dominant hybrid, and Headband. The buds of this strain comprise of a uniform indica structure and are primarily light green with some orange hair that go beyond the clusters of trichomes and green leaves. This marijuana strain burns with a sweet taste and completely covers the tongue. Bubba Band carries a sweet taste and thus is an ideal choice for the end of a medication session. This marijuana strain comprises of a significantly pungent smell, but it is not sour smelling, however it significantly carries the pungent smell of Bubba Kush. Bubba Band carries a slight pine taste and has a variety of effects on the body. Due to the Headband traits present in Bubba Band, a slight sensation is felt behind the eyes. This strain carries an instant cerebral effect but is followed by a gradually spreading calming sensation all over the body. Despite the fact that Bubba Band is an indicia-dominant strain, it does not debilitate but in fact creates a well rounded and a functional effect. With a higher intake of this strain, a person can be prepared to slow down and also feel sedated. Bubba Band carries hard-hitting effects on the head and the body. It helps in calming a person and provides them with a euphoric feel. It is an effective strain for insomnia, pain, ADD, migraines and lack of appetite.
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Tried a cartridge from my dispensery and it was tasty and effective. Sweet and definitely an afternoon or evening strain. I lean towards indica so I'd get it again.

I created this Hybrid as (ogkushead on RIU/skunk skool) in 2008/2009 by crossing a Pre 98 Bubba Kush clone from So.Cal with a Hermy 707 Headband clone purchased in Arcata Ca. I gifted over 100 beans to RIU members in a test grow on the forum. One Love. OGKushner

Excellent strain!!!!!!!

sick strain but really snowdawg X headband I think. kushy flavor with like a sugar taste but skunky smell.

Actually created by SnowDog of the Chemdawg fam...

bubba band created by the chemdog family is bubbakush x headband

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