Bubble Gum CBD Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

CBD: 11%

Good CBD strains can be hard to come by in the marijuana world. Most tokers prefer THC to CBD, and that means most strains are heavy in the former and light in the latter. Even when CBD appears in high amounts, it's often accompanied by so much THC the cannabis can't be used by the people who need it most: kids with seizure disorders. That's what makes Bubble Gum CBD such a rare and useful find. This strain is high in CBD, roughly 11%, yet low in THC, less than 5%. That means patients can use this medicine without getting high. For these reasons, it's a good choice for epilepsy, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Its calming physical effects may also fight anxiety and stress, as well as lack of appetite. The smell is pungent and sweet, with hints of berry, while the flavor is essentially the same, and the appearance is light green with orange hairs. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are probably the most common negative effects, though there's little public information on the subject. Bubble Gum CBD can be found on the medical marijuana market in Washington State.
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This is an amazing pain medication. No real buzz. The pain begins to leave immediately upon using. Sometimes I with mix a tiny pinch with a bowl of other to help. Nice taste, mellow smoke. Not too harsh.

Available in Southern Illinois dispensaries also. Not tried it, just letting people know it is in the strange state of Illinois. Sounds like an excellent CBD strain, on my list, as I can afford more herb.

that taste is like outta here with berry that are so sweet there like rotten and effects that are a+++++

One of the dopiest dopes a toker can toker,but be careful you just might choke, this dope is no joke. The taste of sweet berry's that would be found in middle earth. Pungent. A smell so loud, it won't turn down for a while. Like the knob been broken off. Bubble gum is powerful. Good energy high. Looks as good as Jennifer Anistons ass! Highly recommended for all smokers. #kingswizards the wise wizards recommended

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