Captain America OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%

Captain America is yet another strong medicinal marijuana strain. This hybrid strain leans strongly towards the Sativa side, which is why it produces a powerful Sativa high on your system. It has light to dark green coloured leaves with a rust and brownish coloured hue. It has a THC level of approximately 24.37 percent and a CBD level of around 0.40 percent. It has a strong effect on your body that energizes and invigorates you. Captain America has a deep and strong aroma that leaves a lingering effect on your nerves. Its aroma has a citrus scent that feels very fresh and pleasant. The taste of this strain is quite pleasant as well with sweet candy and citrus flavours. In addition to its strong buzz that gets to your head, it has an amusing effect on you as well and leaves you giggling for quite a while. Captain America is great for treating all types of anxiety and stress. It has a soothing effect on various mild and severe pains as well such as arthritis pains. You can use it for finding relief from muscle spasms and nausea as well. It has a few side-effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes.
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Great Daytime smoke, If you are a Indica smoker and looking for something a little less heavy. I don't usually like sativa's to racey for me but this strain is really great. Great taste ,buzz and relief!!!!!!

Works great for me, really enjoy the taste and the effects!

Regular to me. Nice scent n smoke good. Dry mouth as well. It’s okay but for me, but other people like it tho.

I never do these ( this is my first) but I really like this strain! I have PTSD, panic disorder, epilepsy, chronic pain and nausea and this strain has helped me so much that I am off all of my medication. i LOVE IT and would recommend this to everyone!

Smoking it right now nothing special really...

I have arthritis in my knees and this worked great at relieving the pain.

I have ptsd and anxiety attacks as well as a constant nausea/vertigo problem. Within 2 small hits, I immediately felt a "lift" of the physical feeling of the anxiety...and nausea is at bay...excellent for the head and heart! I will be bringing in the new year with this strain, my beloved partner and pets...we make cookies!

non stop munchies, apple cinnamon o;s and milk :D Happy and Horny

Its an awesome strain, no regrets!

Great bud rider Marcos hooked it up.. it makes u feel like captain america

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