Chem Diesel Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25%

Chem Diesel is a sativa strain and it is produced by crossing Sour Diesel and Chem 91. The strain has an astounding 25% THC content, which explains why it is not recommended to those who are new to smoking cannabis. The buds do not look extraordinary, that is for certain. They are dark green and color and have amber hairs making their way out of the greens. The smell is no different from any other diesel strain and the taste is just about the same as well. If you are fan of Sour Diesel, Chem Diesel will not disappoint you and will leave a good aftertaste in your mouth. The strain primarily offers a cerebral high. One thing is for certain: you will exhibit symptoms of couch-lock which is why you should not make any other plans after smoking Chem Diesel. The cannabis strain is extremely potent. A hit is more than enough to make you toasty. Its high will relax and calm you nonetheless and make you feel extremely hungry at the same time. That being said, it is also quite effective at treating severe medical conditions like anorexia, insomnia and chronic pains and aches.
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My favorite strain. It shuts my brain off just enough and relaxes me. It's getting hard to find this past two years in my area. I'll take Sour Diesel as a runner up but that's been scarce too.

Tastes & smells are right in the name, chemical & diesel with skunk (fuel like). Small medium green buds with few light brown pistils. Amber peach fuzz & fine trichomes covered this Hybrid with 18% THC. Effects were happy, uplifted, & relaxed. Cultivated by Top Nugs Only (FYI: not even close) but, got a nice high at a good price from it. Medicate On.....

This is an awesome strain. I loved it but note, this is extremely pungent. Had to put it into a jar. Very compact nugs and a little goes a long way.

I gotta admit... ChemDiesel has taken a spot on my top 5 favorite strains list!😍😲😇 Everything about it is VERY enjoyable and appreciated on my behalf! Grade A++👍🖒👊 Everytime I'm lucky enough to come across it on the menu... i dont hesitate to grab some up!

I'm telling you what,...this is now my new favorite flower I've gotten thru GoGreen! The sour diesel smell and flavor is prominent but you can tell it's a hybrid with something. I'd have NVR guessed chem91. Its PRIMO Grade A+ in all ways!

immediately knew it was my favorite, sour diesel was. excellent

Nice and level high!

omg! love love love it!! don't get the couch potato effect tho. i actually feel energized (not hyper) below the neck, and an "it's all good in the hood" kinda high in my head! gotta agree with the pleasant taste review! VERY pleasant!! and it lasts a long time too! and when i smoke it before bed, i don't have any trouble gettin to sleep. 👍👍😎😍👍👍

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