Chocolate Bubba Jones Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The chocolate bubba jones strain is described as an indica dominant hybrid. When smoked, it hits hard and can be said to have medium-high potency. It provides a very uplifted, energetic, slightly euphoric high that boosts happiness and creativity. The strain is used mostly for stress relief among patients although it does have other uses that include, but are not limited to, the alleviation of anxiety, pain and depression. Although dry-mouth is the most common negative effect, dry eyes and headaches are also complained about. It is also used to recover ones appetite. It is amongst one of the many strains used primarily for calming the mind and helps the smoker to combat insomnia (If one does indeed suffer from the ailment). Aromatically this strain is average. The most dominant smell is, as the name would suggest of chocolate with earthy and slightly sweet undertones. It also has similarities to many kush strains in terms smell. Upon inhalation, the only taste is a medium hint of chocolate. The smoke however is extremely smooth. Upon close inspection, one can easily see the light green, and at places orange-yellow, appearance with a snowy white texture. This texture is also attributed to the fact that the strain is often sugar coated.
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two words: "Bong Hits!" Though if you want to taste the chocolate more do a vape hit first, and if you can handle the Earthy Kush. Next we can smoke it since we know how it tastes and smells and we have already took the edge off. I smoke alone or with a friend. Either way I talk someone's head off!!! And think I am a commodean?

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