Giesel Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21%

Giesel and its other variants are clone only strains. The Giesel strain is a relatively well balanced strain that has a close to 50:50 sativa and indica ratio. This means that it exhibits properties that are commonly found in both varieties of strains. This makes the giesel strain a very versatile and unique strain with a smoke that does not fail your expectations. The high is not instant or fast acting like most but is actually mellow and mild at first while slowly escalating in terms of strength. The strain is more sativa but just slightly. This means that it gives it an uplifting and happy high and can be easily used for a daytime smoke. Medicinal uses include treatment for depression and anxiety as well as a pain reliever. People with insomnia are advised not to use this strain since it will only keep them up longer. The base aroma is similar to diesel with only a slight lemon like undertone. The smoke itself is citrusy but not as smooth as one would hope. The appearance of this strain is also not that special. Dark green leaves with a few orange hairs here and there.
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I love this strain! Just as described it starts out slowly and builds to a glued to the couch mind tripping high. I no longer need my antianxiety meds. Instead of meds twice a day I smoke a quarter joint once or twice a week. 5 stars!

Great Strain very balanced and really helped with my neuropathy pain.

Great overall strain.

Very dense and pungent diesel and slightly lime skunk smell. Quick onset heavying euphoria and elevated sense of we'll being. Would work well in social settings and areas where quick clear thinking is needed. I actually feel somewhat more intelligent after use. Amazing!!!

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