Girl Scout Cookies #2 Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%

A close relative of the original Girl Scout Cookies, this prized and potent strain packs THC levels topping 24 percent. It's grown only in Washington State, and that's about the only place it can be bought. It's very popular among the patients who have used it, as it washes away stress and anxiety, leaving a calm, soothed state that lasts for hours. It's not clear how much of this strain is sativa and how much is indica, but it's an indica-dominant hybrid, so the body effects are more pronounced. Girl Scout Cookies #2 has a sweet flavor and smells exactly as its name implies: like Girl Scout cookies. The high brings both bodily relaxation and mental clarity. This strain is most effective at treating anxiety, insomnia, and stress, but it's also very good for chronic pain. The strain's parentage is a little unclear. It's a descendant of the original Girl Scout Cookies, also an indica-dominant hybrid, but it's uncertain whether that strain was inbred or crossed with another strain. The strength of this marijuana alone recommends it as a stress reliever, and the taste and aroma don't hurt.
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I just grew this amazing strain in southern Ontario, Canada and wow is it ever a yielder. The potency is already known by many but I'm pretty sure I got at least 25-30 oz. from one plant and this is the shorter one. There's still another obvious different pheno that must be 12ft tall by now still flowering, just a generous beast and from what I've smoked the quality of this strain will be quad every time if you feed it right.

Ive been having one of the worst weeks for pain, depression, nausea, and gut-wrenching anxiety in a long time. Hit the dispensary yesterday and decided to give this bud a try. Got an 1/8 for $20, packed a bowl and didn't get past my third hit. It was magic! I was symptom-free for over 4 hours DAMN! I dont know bout any of you, but I call that some serious medicine. FUCK OFF, BIG PHARMA! MOTHER EARTH DOES IT BETTER WITHOUT CAUSING HARM OR CREATING A DRUG EPIDEMIC! Just had to get that out... This is damn good weed for both uses, REC or MED! peace

Tastes just like regular GSC but sweeter on the exhale with more of the body buzz but you also get the happy, relaxed. Moderate couch lock, still able to focus but taking a nap isn't out the question. There's also a time warp effect. -Shatter, 90%, Arizona-

The original GSC is my jam, and I was beyond stoked to get my hands on #2. As soon as I lit my bowl I could taste sweet vanilla and cream, just like cookies. The smoke was just as smooth as the original, but it definitely hit me MUCH harder than the original. Def one of my new favorites!

i have only been to this store two times and every time the people really know how to help you get the right bud for you.. i have just tried this bud out and it is very good. almost as good as the first time i ever smoked bud. don't take my word for it, try it out.

Effects I Feel: Body HighHelp Me With: Chronic PainAromas: Dank
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