Key Lime Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Key Lime Kush is a strong Indica dominant strain that is rated as a grade A+ strain by most of its users. It has bright green colored buds that are covered heavily with crystals and have white frosty spots on them as well. It is a very potent strain and has a good THC level, but its exact value is not known. It produces a very strong body buzz that lasts in your system for at least one and a half to two and a half hours. Its high calms you down and makes you feel euphoric as well. Key Lime Kush has a very sweet smell that has a hint of lime scent. It has a strong taste that is a blend of lime and sour flavors. While you are smoking it, you begin feeling warm and tingly. Due to its strong and relaxing effects, Key Lime Kush is a good treatment for the medical patients of anxiety, stress and depression. It also helps in treating different types of mild to chronic pains.
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This has been perfect for body pain and stiffness. After just a few puffs I lose my pain and become very flexible and limber. It is perfect for exercise and stretching especially if your have arthritis or other joint pain. I can do full range of motion exercises that are completely impossible under normal circumstances. And it hits a part of my brain where it calms PTSD. I don't really know if it is the terpines or whatever--but rarely have I tried a strain that is so effective for moving stiff painful body parts. I mostly use MJ for pain and this is so effective I am going to start growing it.

WOW. Before I start I would definately give this a 9/10 for medicinal use. As recreational use I would give it a 5/10. Very strong stuff. Smoked a bowl and went about my day. Actually did a bunch of errands after smoking this. Spent like 200$ without losing anything or getting sideways. Was definately baked and it wasnt overwhelming UNTIL I smoked another bowl about an hour later and boy oh boy I was insanely baked. It's been about 4 hours since my last bowl at 11am and i still feel it. The high lasts about an hour and a half but then you'll still feel it a few hours later. Its definately got that infamous hangover characteristic. I could be sociable enough while on small doses of this (like 2 hits off a joint) but anything more than that I'd prefer to just be alone and trip on it. Because enough of it you'll definately have a trippy hazey high believe me.

This strain gives you a nice head high,tastes like lime & sour.

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