Kid Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The exact origins of this strain are unclear. It's not even entirely clear whether Kid leans toward sativa or indica. Its effects suggest it's a sativa-dominant hybrid, but exact ratios are unknown. THC levels are also uncertain, as are CBD concentrations. But this medical strain is recommended more for its THC content than its CBD percentages. It can be helpful in treating depression, mood disorders, irritability, anxiety, and daily stresses. The cerebral high is strongly energized, with a social boost and a healthy dose of introspective thinking. Kid has a distinctly earthy flavor, and it smells of hash and pine needles. The bud is dark green in appearance, with dark brown strands and a thin layer of trichomes. Negative effects are not widely reported, since this is a decidedly rare strain, but dry mouth is likely with most strains, and red eyes may also be possible. This strain isn't widely known outside breeder circles, but it's probably most common on the West Coast. Even there, few if any dispensaries advertise or sell it. Kid is all but unheard of on the black market in most places.
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