Killer Chem #3 Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Killer Chem #3 is a hybrid cannabis that leans towards Sativa side. It is rated as grade A- strain by most of its users. It produces dark green colored leaves and buds that are covered in light snow colored cannabinoids. It is also covered with fine and frail looking orange colored pistols. It has a good potency, but its exact THC level is not known yet. It has a strong body buzz that lasts in your system for quite a long time. You can enjoy smoking this cannabis strain for around two hours. It has a very earthy aroma with nutty, sweet and sour undertones. Its aroma also resembles the scent you can feel in a forest after it has rained. Killer Chem #3 has a very intense and earthy flavor with a sweet and slightly sour aftertaste. It has a great effect on an upset stomach and nausea. You can use it whenever you are feeling queasy. Killer Chem #3 is also a good antidote for mild and chronic pain.
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It's a good strain. Probably a favorite. It kind of tastes like orange peel, that bitter kind of tinge. Not in an overwhelming way. I love the smell as well.

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