Lucky Seven Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The balance of sativa and indica is apparently near-even in Lucky Seven (50:50 sativa/indica ratio), though reports and tests are few and far between. That means a combination of head and body effects that patients say is ideal for treating both mental and physical ailments. Exact THC and CBD levels are both something of a mystery, as are many details about this rather obscure strain. But Lucky Seven is known to be a potent and effective choice for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and everyday stress. Without better data on CBD levels, this strain shouldn't be used as an exclusive treatment for seizure disorders. The high is balanced between mind and body, with strong euphoria and creative clear-headedness. Lucky Seven delivers a sweet, fresh flavor and a tropical aroma, each with a hint of pine. The multi-colored bud is covered in rich, resinous trichomes. Adverse effects are probably similar to those generated by other strains: cottonmouth and red eyes, as well as possible paranoia. At least one dispensary sells Lucky Seven on the legal medical market in San Diego, but elsewhere it appears to be quite rare.
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I’m constantly and consistently smoking 30% THC + strains and heard THC isn’t what makes you high so I bought smoke lucky 7s 20% along with some 29. 27 & 30% THC strains and along with my boyfriend we both agreed we were laughing and IMMENSELY happy out of nowhere if you see this strain it’s very very rare and you need to get it and try it Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie what a f*cking Strain! It’s better than Runtz wedding cake ghost OG at 33% THC I’m serious this is my favorite strain now! It smells like cherries and sweet beautiful cherry pie cookies smell

Greenpoint Seeds discontinued this strain but I was fortunate to grab a pack and it is definitely one of my favorites...the two phenotype I had wasn't really bushy which made light penetration reach bottom buds they grew nice uniformed fruity colas. The smell was a mild gas or pine with some tropical something mixed in and upon opening the jar I get a hint of vanilla. The high is definitely good for night time, but I find that I can get stuff done during the day as well so it is well balanced.

Balance! This strain seems to autocorrect me.

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