Maui Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

With a fresh, earthy smell and an enticing taste, Maui is one of the most desirable products of the marijuana industry. The strain is a refined cannabis and is known as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The smokers define it as the "perfect creativity aid" for the weekend. The strain immediately takes over your mind and body with a strong tropical fruit aroma that leaves your mind in a mellow state. Maui offers a unique experience, as it keeps your mind energized while transcending other senses into a deep, placid state. But that's not it. This gift of Hawaiian tropics is known to provide relief from various ailments. Due to its high potency, it can easily provide relief from pain and anxiety. If you are looking for a euphoric experience for the weekend, then Maui strain is your best option. The strain does not have any side effects. However, it may cause redness in the eyes if you take too much in a single sitting. For beginner smokers, it is advisable to start with a small dose. Heavy smokers who have had ample experience with different strains can start off strong, but caution must be practiced.
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Yah I would say the allbud description of maui the effects would be totally accurate. Very busy mind, yet my body...I couldnt even feel my limbs as much as my brain was just controlling what my limbs were doing. my personal self just let go and kinda let my physiology and inner electricity just work on their own....I'm pretty stoned off maui right now and that's just kinda what is going through my brain at the moment. This stuff is potent, yet very pleasant and in think maui is a perfect name for it. and its effects are very unique imo. Easy 10/10 🌺🌋definately a day time or evening strain.

good high, burns evenly.

Excellent strain! Good taste & buzz! Its a pleasantly potent strain that one can smoke around the clock & experience no negative side effects 😉

I picked up some of this in Rochester, not my first experience with this strain. Wasn't disappointed, very strong and I love the taste. Has staying power which is a must for me.

I purchased two pre rolls of Maui from World of Weed in Tacoma. It was grown by Blue Roots Cannabis Co. Potency Analysis: CBD 0.08%, THCA 15.94%, Total 13.98%, THC 0.0%. Now I must admit I am relatively new to smoking again as I had a long hiatus from cannabis due to the career field I'm in, so I may have overdone it slightly. The taste was smooth and earthy, not too strong not too soft. The high was very immediate, straight to the head and then a nice body rush. I believe I may have smoked too much because it seemed like my heart rate elevated more than normal and I would get tiny body spasms periodically. To be honest it was very unpleasant at first but after approximately half an hour everything calmed down and my body was very relaxed. I got the munchies for a little bit and then was able to sleep very well. Just a side note, my eyes were red, very VERY red. Almost scary red. I think this strain potentially has a lot to offer, however it just may not be the right one for beginners!

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