Moolah Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Moolah consists of green and dark purple coloured buds that contain numerous crystals. It is hybrid cannabis that contains a higher quantity of Indica than Sativa. It created by mating Sensi Stay, Belladonna and OG Kush together. This cannabis has a very high THC level that produces a strong impact on your system. The most prominent effect of Moolah on your body is that it produces a deep sleep. It makes you drowsy soon after consume it and puts you to sleep. This is why it is an excellent antidote for people suffering from intense insomnia and should be used at night. Its effect lasts on your system for at least one and a half hour to two hours. In addition to combating sleeplessness, this marijuana strain is effective for treating a wide range of mild and chronic pains, including the terrible arthritis ache. You can also use it for mitigating your stress and depression. Moolah has a pungent aroma that is a strong blend of pine and diesel smells. Its aroma resembles with that of Kush. It has a nice pine flavoured taste that is quite similar to that of Kush as well. It tends to dry your mouth and eyes at times.
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This is most definitely one of my top 5 picks, I suffer from night terrors and insomnia, PTSD, agoraphobia, severe depression, anxiety and panic disorder and I can honestly say that I would recommend this strain to anybody with EXTREMELY high anxiety, panic, and insomnia. I really struggle even on multiple medications to help with all disorders but this kicks butt over my sleep medication!!! I roll half gram to a gram joints yup they're fat FAT, but they leave a FAT roach for later.

This one has personally infiltrated my top five. That's not an easy thing to do it got all the way up between number two and number three. After A Hard Day's Work. This strain hits all the right spots. Mentally, physically, spiritually. All it made me want to do is kick back relax enjoy life with the ones I love. If you suffer from some kind of anxiety or stress this bud's for you. As for the few hits I took at first it had me floored from its taste all the way to its high. Great strain for those looking for a really great High. Not for newbies the force is strong with this one.

Not the weed to smoke if youre working. Sleepy AF. But, been great when used appropriately.

You want to relax & chill for the evening with no stressors? Then this is the product of choice!!! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!!! Moolah is picture perfect for consumption after a hard day of making that moolah...

a good og kush hybrid

Deal with chronic pain and big-time stress constantly this helps with the pain and help loosen up your muscles

Perfect blend. Helps me relax but not TOO sleepy and no paranoia, which I get with strong sativa blends.

I have this strain available search facebook for Phoenix labs

What dispenseries can I find this strain at

it has a pleasant flavor and a very relaxing intoxication. id definitely recommend this to anybody

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