Northern Skunk Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 14%

Northern Skunk is 20% Sativa and 80% Indica that makes it an Indica-dominant marijuana strain. It is a cross hybrid of Super Skunk and Northern Lights with supplementary Afghan genes. Its THC value is 14%. In terms of physical features, it has dark green leaves and purple hair. Northern Skunk grows up into large stems mainly 3 meters high. This strain is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse yielding. If you are growing it indoors, a flowering time of 60 to 65 days is observed. The nest time to plant seeds for this medical strain is during the months of June or July. As a result, you may grow this strain in the outdoors when October is the best month for harvesting your yield. Its flavors ranges from being skunk-like to hints of earth and sweetness. The strain of Northern Skunk is the best source for getting instant relief from migraines, anxiety and other stress-inducing symptoms. You can use this outstanding strain for overcoming fatigue, nausea and chronic pain. Once you smoke this medical strain, you will feel cotton-mouthed, happy and relaxed. It does not hamper your creativity and focus so that comes as an added advantage.
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Awesome taste great exhale nice bud structure a definite must try for anyone serious.

One of the best well rounded strans todate

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