Perma Hash Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Perma Hash is an earthy indica-heavy hybrid, though specifics on the ratio of sativa to indica are hard to come by. It's not especially popular among either patients of recreational users, but it can be an effective means of treating chronic pain and sleeplessness. There is little credible public data on THC levels in this strain; some sources say Perma Hash is very potent while others say it's relatively weak. The high is said to be sleepy and spacey, with calming couch-lock effects. Details are even harder to find when it comes to the CBD levels in this strain, but that alone means it isn't recommended as treatment for seizures or other disorders that respond to CBD preparations. Perma Hash has a smooth, earthy smell and a similar flavor, while the buds are light green with a layer of crystals. Users can probably expect the usual side effects, including cottonmouth and red eyes, though there are few public reports on the subject. Perma Hash is hard to find almost everywhere in the United States, though it may sell at medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California.
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