Perplex Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 15%

Grapefruit is the dominant taste and aroma in this THC-heavy, sativa-dominant hybrid (exact sativa/indica ratio unclear) known for its powerful high. Exact numbers on THC levels are hard to come by, and the available tests suggest a THC level around 15%. But that may reflect the paucity of information rather than the true potency of this strain. The same goes for CBD levels, though most high-THC strains are low in CBD, so this isn't recommended for epileptics and others who benefit from CBD. Instead, it's recommended as a treatment for cramps, chronic body pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. The high is heavily cerebral, creating a creative, clear-headed state with energy, strong euphoria, and improved mood. Expect typical side effects, including cottonmouth and red eyes, though there isn't much information on this front, either. In addition to grapefruit, this strain tastes and smells of grape and other fruits. Perplex nugs are blanketed in resin-rich trichomes, a hint at the effects that await. This strain doesn't come around very often, though it might be possible to find it in Colorado. Otherwise, don't put yourself out; despite its potency, it's rare almost everywhere.
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