Pineapple Chunk Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16% - 26%, CBD: 1%

The pineapple chunk strain is another unique, mostly indica based hybrid. Two of its most dominant characteristics include a quick buzz and a heavy effect. With its high THC levels (almost 26%) coupled with a 1.1% CBD level, the experience of smoking this is rewarding to say the least. A heavy effect basically means a very stoned effect which means that this should not be used in a social event. The most obvious medical use of this strain is for treating patients with chronic pain and severe depression. Some smokers report an overwhelming sensation of cerebral energy thus this strain is not recommended for people suffering from sleeplessness. There is an obvious earthy/cheesy stink along with a secondary pineapple smell (which is perhaps where it gets the name from). The smoke, however, has an amazing mouth feel. The smoke is silky smooth and it tastes like, you guessed it, pineapples. There are underpinning earthy flavors but the delicious pineapple taste overpowers it. In terms of appearances this strain is mostly a normal green with some purple hues here and there.
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Two hits you are feeling it quick behind the eye high

Smells just like pineapples I love it the taste is absolutely amazing

I agree with most of these reviews, knocks your ass down right away, tastes great, smells even better and is an overall great high. Rook-dogs beware!

So far this is my favorite. It calms and energizes me at the same time while giving me a sense of euphoria. Great for managing stress and creative thinking.

Kickass . Ultimate high. Can do just about anything. Would Not Recommend It for Rookies.

Pretty Fire and the smell man o man is the bomb diggity dogggg, with hints of pineapple point blank periOdd. The reason for four stars were for the super harsh taste after the first vaped bag and the 2nd bag with no pineapple taste periOdd, just harsh but the first Vaped Volcano bag was supurb and im really medicated while writing this. Im sure a good ol' old fasioned joint will do the trick on the Pineapple tip.One Love to the AB community.

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