Platinum Godberry Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Platinum Godberry, also known more commonly as “Godbud,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the powerful Hawaiian X Purple Haze strains. This bud is infamous among medicinal users for its heavy potency and long-lasting effects that are powered by a crazy high THC level that bottoms out at 20%. The Platinum Godberry high is very heavy in nature and not for novice users. It starts with a building euphoric effect that is very hazy and happy, leaving you spacey and introspective. As this euphoric effect builds, a numbing body high will slowly overtake your body with a sedative couch-lock effect that overpowering. This buzz almost always ends in a deep and peaceful uninterrupted sleep that lasts for hours on end. In addition to its potent effects, Platinum Godberry has a very aromatic smell of earthy pine with a sweet floral undertone. The flavor is of sweet berries with a smooth earthy aftertaste that is very fruity. Platinum Godberry has dense spade-shaped light minty green nugs with sparse dark amber hairs and bright neon green leaves. Each nug is dusted with bright crystal trichomes and sticky with sweet resin.
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