Popcorn Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17%

Though its appearance is similar to popcorn, this strain shouldn't be confused for the low-quality "popcorn" nugs produced by many marijuana plants. They may be small, but they pack a punch. Popcorn Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid, but the precise ratio of sativa to indica is unclear. This strain has relatively high THC levels, over 17% in some tests. On the other hand, CBD levels are too low to register, meaning Popcorn Kush shouldn't be relied upon as the only treatment for seizures or other problems that respond to that chemical. The flavor is similar to buttered popcorn, with additional notes of grapefruit, blue cheese, and blueberries. The smell, meanwhile, includes sweet hints of berries, cheese, and fruit. The popcorn-shaped nugs are bright green with light green leaves, brown hairs, and crystals. The effects – calming, creative, and happy – are good for treating anxiety, glaucoma, ADHD, and chronic pain, while an intense case of the munchies makes Popcorn Kush an ideal medication for eating and wasting disorders. Likely side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth, while paranoia, headaches, and dizziness are also reported. Though not especially popular, this strain can be found on the medical marijuana markets of Washington State and California.
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They have this all over Dallas

Excellent kush,burns evenly,slow, packs well. ENJOY!

It's really hard for me to understand why this strain is not especially popular. This high is like stepping into The Garden Of Paradise. Truly fabulous stuff here. Euphoric feelings wafting through, comfortable, cushioned body feel, perception of beauty in overgrown grass patches and pebbles and old houses etc. This one is on my favorites list.

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