Purple NYC Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This hybrid strain is a specialized treat, hard to find but worth trying at least once. The THC levels are moderate, though the actual numbers are unclear. Purple NYC Diesel provides a relaxing physical high great for melting away stress and body aches. This strain has the genes of Sour Diesel and Mendocino Purps (aka "The Purps"), but beyond that it's unknown what plants were involved in the breeding process. It's indica-dominant but, again, the exact proportion of sativa to indica is hard to come by. Mostly this is because Purple NYC Diesel is something of a regional specialty, uncommon outside New York and the West Coast. It can be bought at some California dispensaries, but otherwise it's rarely offered on the legal market. This strain can be an effective treatment for insomnia and anxiety, as well as chronic pain and lack of appetite. Purple NYC Diesel has a light citrus aroma and a faint chemical taste from its Diesel origins. It's not a great strain for getting things done during the day, but it can hit the spot late at night.
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First smoke of this strain brings about an initial rush of euphoria. A pungent and sweet "purple" taste crosses in and then the rush of the Diesel to your brain to make this strain seem initially slightly more sativa-dominant. Then, your body becomes nearly weightless and brings you to a relaxing and pain free remainder.

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