Mendocino Purps Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 22%

This sativa-dominant hybrid (60:40 sativa/indica ratio) leaves no doubt about its origins. Mendocino Purps, a Cannabis Cup winner in 2007 and 2009, was born in Mendocino County, California, home of the marijuana industry. It's also known simply as The Purps, or Purps, and it's the inbred descendant of an original indica landrace (a locally domesticated plant strain) and an unknown sativa. With THC levels reaching 22%, this is a relatively potent strain ideal for relaxation and mood stimulation. Mendocino Purps is great for treating anxiety, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, cancer, and chronic pain. Dry mouth is likely and headaches are possible, though most other negative effects are limited. This strain has a strong woody pine smell and a taste like caramel coffee. The bud develops a strong purple hue as it matures. The high is relaxed a happy, with a strong dose of euphoria. Mendocino Purps can be hard to find in its original form, but other varieties can be found in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Montana. It's less common elsewhere, though it can be found on the black market in many places.
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I've had this strain before. I'm enjoying this sativa-dominant way more than previous occasions. I like the taste, but find it rough on my throat as I always have. The high is worthy of praise. Pretty spot-on description by allbud. Smoke this pot. I will.

Wrote the same review on the other allbud for purple mendo which is the same as this mendo purps. Theres to reviews on allbud for this strain except the other one is 60% indica dominant. So no matter which it lean, its probably average of 50% evenly indica/sativa. Pretty good stuff. Definately feeling it behind the eyes. Not quite sure how to describe this stuff. Definately gets you stoned though. Bit of a cloudy haze. Not sure whether I feel more sativa than indica but I'm for sure getting hints of both. Awake and focused yet hazy and lazy feel. It's good. Solid 7 out of 10 here imo.

Definitely not my favorite strain. I have a feeling that was a personal choice because the bud was good. Gave me the dazed cloudy feeling almost like looking at a computer too long.

though it can be found on the black market in many places. That's right I just finished up a crop and it's heavy, dank AF, and aesthetically pleasing. I would gives this strain a solid from a growers point of view and an 8 or 9 from the point of view of the consumer. When you think "I want some weed" this is the type of weed you're looking for. It's strong so noobs beware...

Buds are resinous ,dense but light and the tips of the buds look dipped in purple. It really tastes like the coffee and didn't cause me to have a coughing fit one hit rolled up had me in gaged the bag has a berry smell or grape really good and i smoke every day .

Trying some out right now

The only issue I have with the pups is I can't get enough of this great strain

dude the purps is the iiiisssssh. good for kickin it at home or hitting up a movie

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