Q3 Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21%

Q3 is a rare sativa-dominant strain, though the precise ratio of sativa to indica genes isn't widely known. It's an ideal daytime selection, delivering a powerful cerebral high that comes with a boost of creativity, euphoria, giggling, happiness, and increased sociability. This strain's THC levels enhance those effects, bringing potency as strong as 21% in some tests. With numbers like that, Q3 is an effective medication for treating depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and everyday stress. But the amount of CBD found in this plant is much lower, much too low to recommend it for treatment of seizures and other conditions that can be alleviated with CBD concentrates. The smell and flavor of Q3 are both fruity with hints of lemon, while the small nugs are light green with numerous orange hairs and a dense layer of frosty trichome crystals. The only widely reported negative effects from this strain are dry eyes and dry mouth, though others may be possible. Q3 is far from popular, despite the substantial punch it packs, but it may be found in at least one Denver medical marijuana dispensary.
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