Shiva X Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

This potent indica-heavy hybrid (sativa/indica ratio unknown) gets both its name and its most potent genes from Shiva, itself a potent indica named after Shiva the Destroyer, a Hindu God who has the power to both give and take life. Shiva was mixed with an unknown sativa to create Shiva X, which originally went by the name Chuck Norris due to its serious kick. This strain is nothing if not powerful and should be avoided by newcomers. Exact THC numbers are scarce, but likely top 20%. CBD levels are an even greater mystery, but if anything, that recommends against using Shiva X as exclusive treatment for epilepsy or other conditions treated with CBD. This strain hits hard and fast, creating a potent head rush followed by strong euphoria. The experience blends sativa and indica genetics, hitting both the head and body. Side effects are possible, including increased heart rate in the first few minutes after smoking, cottonmouth, and dry eyes. Paranoia is also reported. The exact medical properties of Shiva X are generally unknown, though it may help with anxiety and mood issues. The strain has a fruity smell and taste, and it has a light green appearance with orange hairs and a layer of trichomes.
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