Snoop's Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 26%

A type of cannabis strain named after hip hop star Snoop Dog is Snoop's Dream. He has had quite a bit of interest in the marijuana market. This hybrid is a mix of Master Kush and Blue Dream. The smell is very pungent but also sweet. The taste is a sweet blueberry flavor. It also offers a pine after taste. This is a very strong Indica strain with THC about 26%. The buds of Snoop's Dream are dense and light green colored. The buds will be covered with bright orange hairs by the time harvesting takes place. These plants grow very easily in a variety of conditions. Harvesting too soon though can reduce the yield of crystals by half. After the orange hairs are visible give the plants 2 more weeks to grow and produce. Snoop's Dream is an uplifting type of marijuana strain. It offers improved mood and an overall relaxed feeling. It can help to generate more focus and more creativity for the mind. It can also result in reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
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10 thummbs up in tn!! lol

He!P fix my broken disc just like grape ape it blue dream next

I picked up 3.5g of this, grown by Doc Croc. Harvested on 9/18/16, it was consumed on 12/18/16. The buds on this are big, lightly packed, and airy. They're covered in crystals and orange hairs, and they break down very well. The aroma is sweet, blueberry, and citrus, as is the flavor. Snoop's Dream hits hard and fast, as befits its legendary namesake. You want to take it slow if it's your first time hitting this one. The high is euphoric, bright, and energetic. It was enough to knock off the last layer of pessimism that was keeping me from really getting in the holiday season.

My favorite so far.

Quality product. Up to the minute updates about delivery time. Packaged, labeled, and customer service is top notch. They came back to fix an order that was my mistake.

I just got to sample this incredible strain and what sticks out to me immediately was the pungent, delicious, and floral taste! It was easily the best tasting strain of cannabis I have had to date. The strain isn't heavily sedating allowing for productivity and a clear state of mind, which I'm currently enjoying. :)

This is a dream for every stoner

Awesome shit thanks

If you can get Snoop's Blue Dream for $30/eighth then that is well worth it. If your retailer is asking anything above $35, tell him you want what he is smoking... Auric AG grows <$10/gram pot, those trying to sell it for more are doing so because when it got really popular, it was $10/gram, but for some reason the retail shops see something moving faster than the other product so they up the price of it, not realizing the reason it was so popular WAS THE PRICE!!! But that is what happens when normies get into selling weed! Snoops Blue Dream is really nice, Auric AG did a mediocre version of it so I personally would find better value for your greenback.

My new favorite strain.. Best of both worlds, amazing

I was hesitant to try this strain, with a name like Snoop, is it hype? I love and respect Snoop, but I was ready for a letdown. I mean, it better be some of the best bud ever, right? Like White Knight, "Chong certified" I thought, right! Sure... Picked some up at the Euphorium in Covington, WA. And like with white knight, I was NOT let down! Grown by Dynamic Harvest in WA. Perfectly trimmed, tight nugs. The smell is pure bliss, so is the taste. Sweet, fruity, earthy. Smooth hits through your basic bong. After a few bongrips, walking back in the room, it smelled like incense. It reminds me of White Knight, another perfect hybrid IMHO. This perfect indica leaning hybrid is relaxing without couch lock, uplift without anxiety, great for pain, depression and anxiety, any time of day smoke. No side effects, zero anxiety, paranoia, etc. (for me, everyone is different) Potency Analysis: 60/40 Ind/Sat, Total 22.7%, THC 0.73%, THCA 25.1%, CBD 0.10% In other words, if you can find some, get some. I am wasted 😊😊😊

like a racoon mask pulled over your eyes.......tastes good. A great hybrid. It has a nice long lasting high. I also got the 420 natural brand. I love the taste it is very unique. My 3rd time purchasing it.

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings --Brand: 420 Natural USA Strain: Snoop's Dream Indica-dominant Hybrid -- Potency Analysis: TTL 23. 48% THC 0. 775% CBD 0. 102% THCA 22. 45% -- Cost: $15/gram-- When I go make a purchase, I generally shop for my weed by strain, and then brand. I'm always glad to see any great strain grown by 420 Natural USA -- Smoking this is an Ent's Dream at least. It's very smooth but present. There's good sweet almost berry flavor and ends with a little bitter note - something I really enjoy. -- You can essentially see how high this gets you. It's packed with dense buds covered in crystals - just glimmering like it was sugared. The hairs are bright ginger colored, so dense and they're everywhere - under every bud was a cluster 1/4" thick of these ropey hairs. -- I smoked quite a bit of this weed, and it is a 71 blunts a day kind of weed.

I came home after buying a few grams of legal weed and at first really thought I was doing a great thing. For once I was speeding my money so it would benefit the tax base in my area I hoped. second I was so exited to get legal pot. I'm telling you It was like a religious experience the first time I did it. I have smoked pot for years and these guys at 3 M's try to get you to the place you want to be. Love you guys. Just saying. I really thought we are breaking ground. I smoked Snoops blue dream . I really cant talk that much and ooooppps I think I may have smoked a bi tot much and then there is the well Oh god.........I tink I bitter go no.... love you nit......nit.....snoops sucks.

Blue Dream crossed with Master Kush, two of Snoop Lion's (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) favorite strains that would definitely have the legendary icon wishing he had these buds from Double Delicious.

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