Sour Diesel Caviar Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This is a medical marijuana strain that has its stem from another strain 'Sour Diesel'. This strain is obtained by tossing the parent strain in oil (with at least 60% THC levels) and then by immersing it in kief. This process would make the parent strain to gain more potency. Thus, this strain would give away the effects of the parent strain. Being caviar, this strain will be more concentrated when compared with the parent strain. The buzz that is given off by this strain will be creative, energizing, euphoric and happy. With the sour flavor and sour, diesel-like smell, this medical strain is found to alleviate the symptoms of depression, nausea, loss of appetite and pains.
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being a chronic pain sufferer for decades and on opioids about the same, this really works,since my dr of 17 yrs retired from his family practice[ somethin to do w/trump?!] giving what I need for pain...a lot....tolerance,,,,if I could afford this all the time oh yeah.....n the buzz koxxx!!!!!

Fucking fantastic

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