Starry Night Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This rare hybrid has an unknown ratio of sativa to indica, but its mostly physical effects suggest the indica genes may be slightly dominant. Those effects include deep body relaxation and sleepiness, though the high also includes euphoria and powerful happiness. Starry Night can be a useful tool for treating low mood, anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, stress, migraines, and nausea. There isn't much information available about how much THC this strain contains, and there aren't many reports on its potency. But it appears to be a fairly effective medicinal choice. Starry Night shouldn't be used to treat seizures, however, or other conditions that respond to CBD, as there is insufficient public data about the amount of that chemical in this strain. This strain has a distinct fruity aroma and flavor, while the buds are bright green. Dry mouth is the only widely reported adverse effect from using Starry Night, though dry eyes and paranoia may also be possible. Obscure to say the least, this strain might occasionally appear on the West Coast, but not often enough to make much of a mark.
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It says it's a rare one then I count myself fortunate enough to pick some of this up at Deep Roots cannibas here in Springfield, a quarter of far the onset currently I'm feeling the sativa aspect...ahhh...indica kicking in now...gentle rollercoaster up at first now I'm gliding down brief periods of what some would call feeling flushed, now back on the roller coaster again...up a little now, feel heart rate increase, now glide down...Wow...I have a vape pen with SNOland at 76% thc...and it doesen't touch what I'm feeling now, total body high silly putty time...kindneys and lower extremities are tingling and relaxing...gentle almost head massage feeling...smoked a .08 gram in a king leaf palm roll...perfect end to this day ..will be napping soon

Strong enough to get you good and stoned. New Amsterdam in Eastern Or ~ THC 25.3% CBD 0% AllBud seems to have a good description of this unique high....

A very nice combination of strains serves up a outstanding buzz, long lasting and a just right high. Enjoy! Found this in a shop in eastern OR,

Very nice. Really smooth and somewhat fruity taste and finish. Great for relaxing and letting stress go. Dont smoke this unless you plan to stay put until it wears off. Bring a pillow

Popular in Illinois medical dispensaries. Thc/cbd % average is 18/2, with a 1% cbn. Fruity and diesely. Super Lightweight sativa head effects with a weird indica body numbness. Happy Happy! This strain puts a smile on everyones face. Guaranteed to turn that frown upside down. Live Resin is just amazing also. Dabbing some 75/5/1.5 right now. This is my favorite anytime strain.

A shop in Colorado has it in dabs. 83% THC right now. Very nice strain. Euphoric and uplifting I think. There are some Indica signs as well though. All good of course.