Super Blue Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

A sativa dominant hybrid, Super Blue is a grade A strain with the efficiency of Blue Dream. This mild orange and apple green nugget with dark hues is heavily covered with sticky trichomes, resembling morning dew. A mix of cerebral sativa and heightened indica, Super Blue Dream is a harmonious cure for pain and stress. The funky smell of blueberry and mint with hints of creamy yogurt gives an energetic uplift to productivity and creativity- a must-have for workaholics. The sweet haze of cream and yogurt with sensual clouds of mint and blueberry unlock the brain and give an average buzz of about 1 to 1.5 hours. Easy to smoke and inhale, this euphoric strain leaves you talkative and uplifted and is a cool way to relieve your stress, anxiety, depression, nausea and pain. The nugget is crispy and dry and might make eyes and mouth dry. Give a good blend to the strain and experience your creativity go wild with the pedal put to the metal.
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Super Blue is super cool! Scent & flavor is like a sweet fruity blueberry piece of candy that uplifts, energizes, & relaxes. The light green buds have peach colored pistils with fine white trichomes. Happiest Of Sedation's.....

Super blue dream is cool has that smell of what u want and easily chilling and creative thoughts and motivation.

Enjoyed this smoke. Gave me a creative response that helped with deep debates with my Mate.

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