Super Critical Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12%

Super Critical belongs to the category of Indica dominant strains; it is a hybrid strain that was produced after crossing Skunk# 1 with Big Bud. It is an extremely powerful strain with Spanish genetics, which has effects similar to those produced by narcotics. It has a THC level ranging from 12 percent to 16 percent. It has a strong smell resembling that of a fruit skunk and a pleasant taste that is strong too. It has thin, narrow, green coloured leaves. It has feminized seeds that are famous for producing a huge yield. Super Critical has an indoor germination period of about eight weeks, during which you can get a strain weighing 800 grams per meter square easily. It is an outdoor flowering strain as well and is ready to be harvested by the time September ends. Some Super Critical strains germinate when the month of October ends. It produces a strain of around 1200grams/plant. Its effects range from extremely harsh to relaxing. When you start smoking Super Critical, it hits you hard and you aren't able to handle it at first. However, the effect slowly starts to become milder and more relaxing. If you have a low tolerance level, then it is best that you don't smoke a large amount of it at first, especially during the daytime. Super Critical is excellent for treating chronic pain and anxiety. Patients of stress and depression can use Super Critical for relaxing their bodies and relieving the symptoms of these conditions as well.
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So I picked up some Super Critical. It's decent so far. I'm a seasoned smoker.. high tolerance. I got it at a dispensary in Montana, medical marijuana. It's at 22%.

I'm growing this strain right now and OMG 😍😍😍 it's on the 4th week of flowering another 4 week. This is a very Hardy strain because from the beginning I dropped them and Exposed the roots but quickly put them back and left them for the week and boom they sprung back to Life. And then I forgot to turn on the inline fan and it got real hot but they seemed fine,and then just 3 weeks ago I noticed the leaves turning yellow but fixed it with Epsom salt. If I could post a picture I would to see how frosty they look. I just uploaded a few pictures of Super Critical I hope they make it.

I'm a heavy, heavy smoker. Anyone complaining that this stuff at 12-15% isn't strong enough is putting you on, trying to sound like Dr Dre. This stuff takes care of all of my many, awful aches and muscle spasms, mellows me out so my anxiety is gone and gives me a kick in the pants to get stuff done. High wears off after about an hour, but the mood and physical effects last 3-4 hours on just 5 or 6 puffs. I love this stuff. New daytime favorite. Don't ever let low thc fool you. Try it first!

We got a batch from natures meds az dispensary that was a one hit KO. Like full energy to have to sleep. And that was five of us. Heavy smokers. This strain has a wide terpene panel. Even if your getting 12% the cerebral aspects are intriguing. We had a Malawi from Africa test at 13% and two hits and you felt like the room was bigger. Like your sense of space was super broad and macro. Really trippy. But we found it was high in thcv

Don't give up on this strain I got some that's 26.84 %

This actually answered my drawback, thank you! dfkddgfddkbbfaee

Not my favorite strain, but good for newer users. I've found that the THC level varies a lot with this bud, but I've never found it over 12%. I might like it more if it was a little bit stronger.

It is very good for helping with pain.

I love it lol yup

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