UW Sativa Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17%

UW Sativa constitutes almost entirely of Indica and it is associated with an exceptional background story. It is said that a sample strain with similar potency and characteristics such that belongs to UW Sativa was stolen from the Medical Research Laboratory of the University of Washington; the origins of its name should now be clear. This is where it was being studied by the government-based medical program in legal bindings. It bedazzled the purple colour of the associated university with dense buds and a sticky touch. It has a fruit-like aroma and taste as well, with a hint of spice that tingles your taste buds at the end. Irrespective of the myth linked to this medical strain, it is undoubtedly a fantastic strain for patients in need. This Sativa became the most popular medical strain, because of its associated tale and its high potency value. It is known for providing a patient with relaxation alongside drowsiness. It is extensively prudent for patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorder, spinal cord injury, depression and migraine-oriented symptoms. Conversely, it may cause drying eyes, a dehydrated mouth and headaches could occur, depending on the uptake capacity of the patient. It is known to hold the CBD total of 0.214 per cent and Cannabinoid total of 17.333.
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When I originally brought this sativa home, I was not so sure, and even a little skeptical. But just to be sure, I gave it a test. I was amazed with the way it went straight to my head, and when I found this site, I knew that I had to smoke some with a good friend of mine, a sativa lover himself, and he said, "The strain was delicious and fast acting. It really stimulates your mind pretty quickly and you'll find yourself in a talkative, and somewhat deep cognitive state of mind .Also it's a pretty tasty flavor to complement it's potency."

Effects I Feel: CreativeHelp Me With: StressFlavors: Fruity
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