Atomic Dog Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Atomic Dog is a strong OG Kush variety and is a useful Indica dominant strain. It has an Indica/ Sativa concentration of 70/30 percent or 90/10 percent depending on the variety of the strain. The plant has a good yield and produces dense and deep green colored buds. It is best to be used during the nighttime and creates a very strong body buzz. It has a moderate THC level. In addition to its powerful buzz, it has a very calming and soothing effect on your system that stays for quite a while. Many people tend to feel really hungry after consuming it and begin munching on food as well. It has a very pungent and skunk-y aroma. It has a strange taste that is a blend of strong dank and earthy flavors. Anxiety patients can easily get relief from their terrible anxiety and stress symptoms after using Atomic Dog. Its super strong buzz does not zone you out, but soothes your nerves at the same time. It can also be employed for treating muscle spasms and a variety of mild to chronic pains. Nausea patients can conveniently rely on this strain for soothing their nauseous feelings as well. Insomnia and loss of appetite can also be relieved after using Atomic Dog.
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