Black Cherry Cheesecake Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% - 21%

Black Cherry Cheesecake is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a tasty three-way cross of the infamous Black Cherry Soda X Super Silver Haze X Cheese strains. Although the exact indica to sativa ratio of this flavorful bud is unknown, the effects tend to be very well-balanced in nature. The high starts with an uplifted euphoric state that gives you a slight sense of focus and a small burst of creative energy. As this high slowly ebbs throughout the rest of your body, you'll start to feel incredibly relaxed and at ease before falling victim to a powerful couch-lock and full body stone. These effects often leave you slightly sedated and starving, grasping for anything within reach that you can eat without moving. These effects paired with its high 17-21% average THC level make Black Cherry Cheesecake ideal for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, appetite loss, depression and headaches or migraines. Although the effects are powerful, the flavor of this bud is what made it famous – it actually tastes like cherry cheesecake! You can detect flavors of sweet berries topped with sugary cheese and cherries, although there is a slightly pungent aftertaste. The aroma is very pungent, with creamy cheesy overtones and a hint of cherry. This bud has long pepper-shaped dark olive green nugs that almost appear to be black with rich purple undertones and a thick frosty coating of tiny lavender colored crystal trichomes.
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For an Indica dominate hybrid this is too energizing for me. My severe anxiety disorder acts up and I feel like my skin is crawling or my nerves are on end. I couldn't smoke the 1/4th I bought so I used my Ardent Nova to decarboxylate and made some coconut oil the edible high is much more pleasant and does help improve mood and relax in a smaller (50-75mg) dose than I would normally use (100-150mg) for 5-6 hours. If you get shaky try a gram before buying more.

I was impressed with the black cherry cheesecake. It relaxed the pains in my lower back I will definitely keep an eye out for this strain when I go to my favorite recreational store

Black Cherry Cheese Cake is an Excellent chose especially for medicinal purposes. Very Very Pleased you will be too, Black Cherry Cheese Cake will kick your ass if you are a newbie smoking as well ;)

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